Techstar Starcarts

Choosing the Right Starcarts

1.  Consider the material you want to move.  Does it have size or volume restrictions for the inside of your cart? Compare these to the inside cart dimensions. 

2.  Measure areas this cart will travel, including doorways, hallways, elevators and spaces between machines.  Compare these to the outside cart dimensions. 

3.  Consider what a full load would be and decide if it is practical for one person to push that much.  

4.  Although you may only be handling 300 pounds and certainly could use a cart with a 400 pound load rating, a cart with 800 pound capacity will roll easier (because it has larger wheels) and last longer (because it has thicker walls).  In the long run this may be better value for you.   

5.  Do you have an application that would be advantageous to use an Easy Access Starcart allowing you to pile goods higher but still bend into the cart and reach the bottom to empty it?  This makes great sense to maximize use of height. 

6. Would a Spring Lift Platform be of value to you?

7.  Check all floor surfaces for caster compatibility.  Most of our casters are designed for concrete floors.  If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to call us.  Bigger wheels roll easier.  There are special wheel materials for carpet and outdoor use.

8.  Consider the best caster pattern for your application.  All swivel casters are best for tight areas but they do not travel long distances well.  Diamond pattern turns easiest and travels long distances well.  Corner pattern gives you the most stability for safety with heavy loads and travels long distances as well.


Bushels? Why bushels?

The term bushels goes back hundreds of years for use in measuring grains and in the 20th century it became common to measure laundry in bushels.  That term transferred to plastic utility trucks and is still commonly used today.  A bushel is 2150 cubic inches or .035 cubic meters. Techstar has been manufacturing plastic carts since 1978.


Mini Starcarts™

Bushels Cubic feet Model No. Casters Base Stocked colour Inside  LxWxH (inches) Outside LxWxH (inches) Max Load (pounds) Ship Weight (pounds)
5 6 105A 3″¬†all¬†swivel steel grey 30x16x24 33x19x28 200 25
6 7 **350A Special order 3″¬†all¬†swivel steel grey 30x20x20 33x23x24 200 25
7 8 110A 3″¬†all¬†swivel steel grey 31x21x21 35x25x25 300 30
8 9 115A 3″¬†all¬†swivel steel grey 45x16x24 48x19x28 300 40


Bushels Cubic feet Model No. Casters Base Stocked colour Inside  LxWxH (inches) Outside LxWxH (inches) Max Load (pounds) Ship Weight (pounds)
8 9 111ECS 2.5″ all
black 36.5×24.5×26 175 23
10 12 125EC 3″¬†all
plywood black 35x23x25 39x27x29 200 30

Heavier Duty Starcarts™

Bushels Cubic feet Model No. Casters Base Stocked colour Inside  LxWxH (inches) Outside LxWxH (inches) Max Load (pounds) Ship Weight
10 12 125A 3″¬†diamond plywood grey 35x23x25 39x27x30 400 40
10 12 125B 4″¬†corner/ diamond plywood grey 35x23x25 39x27x31 800 50
12 15 135A 3″¬†diamond plywood grey 37x25x26 41x29x31 400 45
12 15 135B 4″¬†corner/ diamond plywood grey 37x25x26 41x29x32 800 55
14 16 145A 3″¬†diamond plywood grey 38x26x28 43x31x33 400 50
14 16 145B 4″¬†corner/ diamond plywood grey 38x26x28 43x31x34 800 60
16 19 155B 4″¬†corner/ diamond plywood grey 38x26x30 43x31x36 800 65
18 22 160B 5″¬†corner/ diamond plywood grey 54x30x25 59x35x32 800 70
19 24 180B 5″¬†corner/ diamond plywood grey 48x30x30 53x35x38 800 85
38 46 195B 6″¬†corner/ diamond plywood grey 72x36x33 78x42x42 1600 115

Starcart™ Lids

Model 125L fits carts 125EC, 125A and 125B
Model 145L fits carts 145A, 145B and 155B